Oscar – An educational delta robot




Oscar Oscar is a low cost delta robot kit that is intended to allow easy access to robotics technology in schools at an early stage, it can be used in domestic and training environments, it’s actuators are based on low cost RC servos that are setup in pairs to eliminate backlash, despite the low cost construction, it is equipped with the ReTRoC Real Time Robotic Controller, that gives the robot high end and advanced programming features.

Oscar can be simulated in virtu3D.



Payload0,5 (1)Kg (£)
Accuracy3 (75)mm (mil)
Work volumeD400x120 (D8x5)mm (")
Velocity300 (12)mm/s ("/s)
Power supply voltage5VDC
Power supply max current5A
CommunicationTCP-IP via Wifi
(G-code or ModbusTCP)