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  • Oscar. A mini delta robot


DaGmaRobotix is creating a reliable, high precision and safe, yet very affordable robotic platform. The intention is to enable the use of robotic manipulators in applications where now it simply isn’t possible due to the price and complexity of conventional industrial robots.

The potential applications are immense and so diverse that it’s impossible to state all of them, here are a few:

  • A manipulator to remove finished parts from a 3D printer and allow it to immediately start a new job
  • Equipping automatic vacuum cleaners with their own small arm that can put misplaced objects in place
  • A multipurpose pick and place device that can for instance glue colored beads on fabric to form custom designed images
  • A craftsmen automatic assistant that can bring tools or materials

If you can think of other applications, please contact us through our contact form or post it in our community forum.


DaGma’s robotic platform sits on 3 pillars:

  1.  A Zero backlash series elastic transmission actuator with  position, velocity and acceleration control, direct torque sensing and deformation compensation.
  2. A real time motion control system that plans trajectories and feeds data to the actuators in such a way that allows the actuators to accurately move and position at all times.
  3. A Free online programming and simulation tool that seamlessly allows users to learn, program and test their work even before having the purchased robot.


Stay tuned,  We will keep you informed about our progress, and we will be posting some test results and other exciting stuff!





Development of real time kinematic conversion algorithm
First simulation environment based on VPython
Conversion of simulation environment to web technology (JavaScript + WebGL)
Development of motion control routines
Official start of DaGmaRobotics
S-Hall feedback system validated

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